Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our frequently asked questions about SEO and Digiweb Agency

What does SEO stand for?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimizations. It is a process whereby webmasters consciously optimize or fine-tune their webpages in order to appear on search engine result pages and ultimately drive high organic traffic to their website.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

Both marketing strategies have their strengths and weaknesses. SEO strives more if you’re playing the long game and looking to drive slow and steady organic traffic to your business while Pay-per-click (PPC) is usually short term for businesses that are looking to rack as much traffic as possible within a short time.

Where do I start my SEO strategy?

SEO usually involves implementing a conscious effort towards achieving a goal. A deep understanding of search keywords and optimization is required to achieve maximum goal.

At Digiweb Agency we offer optimal digital solutions that help our clients capture new audience with their product and/or services.

How do I conduct keyword research?

Effective keyword research is an increasingly important skill for digital marketing. Not only do you need to know how to develop a good keyword list for PPC and SEO, but smart content marketers use keyword research to find out what topics they should write about and what phrases they should use while writing.

Which SEO techniques are popular?

SEO involves continuous optimizations with hopes of boosting your domain authority and getting your website in front of more audience. Here are some steps you could take towards achieving this:

  • Optimizing your website to be mobile friendly
  • Improving user experience
  • Link Building
  • Meta tags
  • Youtube SEO
  • Wiring highly optimized and engaging content
  • Social media


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